The first chapter is about a 10 year old boy named Willy and a his grandfather. First it is about grandpa not getting up all he did was staring up in space. Willy did not know why he would not get up. Willy ran over to Doc Smiths house and had her come over to see grandpa and said, "He is going to die because he has lost the will to live". But Willy thought if he could perfect the harvest grandpa would be better again. (MD)

This chapter is about grandfather and a ten year old boy named willy. He was always a cranky pants in the morning, so grandfather called him to get up or I will throw your breakfast in the chicken coop! so now often when grandfather says that he jumps right out of bed. The next morning willy woke up with out grandfather calling him so he ran down stairs and see where he was at he was'nt down stairs so he checked out in the barn he was'nt in the barn (LS)