wood song has a exciting and thrilling first chapter. my favorite part was with the blood, guts, and gore of the wolves. its like a movie in my head and it was awesome!!!! (p.a.w.)

Gary Paulson is the author and character in Wood Song. He hunted a lot and didn't learn anything. He thought Bambi and real deer got out of the fire (trouble). (EJB)

In the book Wood Song chapter 1 is it very graphic and you dont really expect it. One of the reasons its so graphic is because of the doe and the wolves, the wolves attacked the doe her guts and blood were litterly poaring out. The chapter isn't that long at all but there's alot to that chapter, you'd be suprised. Gary alway went hunting but never realized what he was doing.killing.He alway didgitily make him disapear from real life. (jo)