Little Willy has to run his farm for his grandfather to heel. He is ill Willy says beacause he is afraid the crop will not grow right. If he does his grandfather will recover from being ill. And if Willy ask his grandfather a question if grandfather put his palm up it meant yes down it meant know.So now in the book in the second chapter him and search light are trying there best. Do you think they can do it. It was a very exciting chapter. Thank you for reading what i have to say on this chapter of Stonefox. (RL)

In this chapter grandfather is getting sicker and willy is worring.Little willy is starting to grow potatoes and carrots and harvesting them, then he went back to grandfater and tolled him how much money he made. But grandfather is still not felling good.Willy is trying to do the best that he can do for grandfater.Willy gets food for grandfater and fire wood for him. (KK)

In this chapter Grandfather is getting worse. Little Willy didn't belive that though. So he tries to make Grandfather feel better and tries to grow the potatoes and harvesting them, but Grandfather didn't get much better. So Little Willy tried taking care of Grandfather, by feeding him and keeping the fire going to keep him warm. He is also tring to keep Searchlight and himself healthy. He chops down trees for firewood and hunts for food. He always is good an never does stuff he is not suppose to do. (HR)

This chapter is about Little Willy getting ready to take care of the farm and getting money to take care of it. Willy took care of the potatos like grandfather did. When Little Willy got done he thought grandfather would be out of bed and walking around, but he was wrong. he was still lying around in bed. He never got out of bed not even once. Next Willy tryed to rent a horse but did not have enough money. So he used searchlight. (CT)