Chapter 2

Have you ever read Gary Pauslen's Woodsong? Gary was poor when he was forty years old. His friends gave him some sled dogs. He thought he knew everything about sled dogs. Storm taught Gary a lesson one cold night. Gary was feeding Storm dry dog food made of corn. Corn is like little knives in the dogs' stomachs. It tightned up in Storm's stomach and made him bleed. There are two lessons Gary learned. One was never to feed sled dogs corn or dry dog food while running. Two was dogs keep on running even though they are hurt because they love to run. You take things for granted but you dont realize it untill they are gone. (RDG group 1)

I hope you will read Gary Paulsen's wood song after you read this!!! Gary Paulsen was 40 years old and living in poverty. He had sold many books by the time he was 40!!! Gary also worked construction, ran heavy equipment, tracked sattelittes, taught and many other things to support his life!!

He got four dogs named Storm, Obeah, Yogi and columbia and a broken sled! Obeah liked to fight other male dogs. Dogs like Obeah and others of Gary's can only run about four mph! Dog food is not good for other working dogs like sled dogs, because the little peices of corn act like little tiny sharp knifes. When they are 6 months old, the dogs can run and know what they are doing when they are harnesed!!

Storm is an honest dog and a very strong one at that!! When it colder outside and dark its the best time to run!!! Storm had to pull and he kept bleeding and bleeding and wouldn't stop!!! Just because of those little peices of corn, that cut open his intestines, the blood was coming out of his back end.

Gary Paulsen is an honest man like Storm!!!! (RDG group 2)