Chapter 3. Russle was talking to Oogruk till Oogruk fell asleep. Then russle put in sealskin mukluks and then went outside. When russle went outside he noticed the older kind of sleed. Russle than noticed the dogs. Russle than tryed to take the chain off a dog, but than the dog snapped at him. Then Russle hit the dog. Russle got control of the the dogs and put them on a harness. Russle went on the ice to get food with the dogs. After all the misery on the ice Russle went back to Oogruks home. By the time Russle got there Oogruk was up. Then Russle and Oogruk talked the rest of the time.[ BK]

Chapter 3 in Dogsong is about Russel going out to hunt. Russel got ready to go outside and hook up Oogruk's dog team. Once the dogs were all hooked up, Russel got the dog team going. When Russel was in a good spot for hunting he spotted a deer it was a doe and Russel pulled out his bow and arrow and shot the deer for the meat. (JMM)