On chapter three Willys grandfather is still sick from chapter two.Willy now takes care of him.Willys grandfather thought the farm had to be closed down from taxes.Doc Smith is one of the charecters and she said that Willys grandfather is telling his mind all this stuff but he could tell hisself that he wanted to get sick or he wanted to die.willly said they can tell that he could tellthat it was winter because it got cold.

This is chapter three.Little Willy is getting ready for Winter. Searchlight was Little Willy's dog. Searchlight would pull Little Willy as a horse or something that you can ride. Willy still went to school. This chapter is when Willy finds the poster at the ganeral store.[LD]

Chapter three talks about Searchlight and winter in Wyoming. It says its the most beautiful time of the year. It says that willy goes to the general store. He goes to get wood and food. Then Willy finds a poster while searching for wood and food.[AD]