In chapter three Gary Palsen was talking about how cold it was and he said no its not about how cold it is when you walk to the car not how cold it is when you run down the street and ect. The main part of his idea or writting dicision was to talk about how cold it because he is not ecaggerating about how cold it is he actually experianced it. He was talking about how cold it is in a freezing cold whoorl pool is because in your mind imagine how cold a whoorl pool is in 30-40 degree's below zero. for him to write this it must be hard because i would not be able to experiance that i would flip he is right. Just to imagine how cold that is i could not do or experiance what he did and there is so much more questions.(KJ)

In the begining of chapter three it was so cold that the cold froze a whirlpool. Gary Paulsen also learned that it was wrong for him to hunt animals anymore. Gary also didn't know much about dogs at the time so he wanted to study them and know everything about them. He also cut his knee cap open on a sharp piece of ice, fell on a frozen stream, and a dog saved him. That's all the important events in Woodsong chapter three. (CAF)