Have you ever seen a musher like Gary Paulsen? A musher is a person that is on a sled and is pulled by dogs. It is so cold that steel can become brittle and break. Gary Paulsen ran the country, camped, learned from the dogs, and studied where he would trap if he was going to trap. Olaf was a Dufas and Columbia was relatively passive. Columbia and Olaf were on a chain and Columbia pushed his bone closer and closer to Olaf so he couldn't get it. From going through all of this, Gary Paulsen learned that snow dogs have personalities too. (RDG Group 1)

Gary Paulsen has learned many lessons. In this chapter, he learns that dogs have personalities like humans. He learned this in the summer when Colombia was teasing Olaf, the big doofus, with their bones. So Gary decided not to trap. He also learned this when he fell off a sharp edge and tore his knee open, but because of Obeah , who came back, he healed his leg sooner. That's how he found out that animals have personalities. (RDG Group 2)