A man dressed like hes going to a wedding comes in the house of Grandfather and, Willy. Aiming a gun his Seachlight. That person's name was "Clifford Snyder" he was tall looked older. At First Willy thought that Clifford was city slicker. So then then he told him to go to his grandfathers room. Clifford said that he wanted the tax money. So then he takes the gun off Searchlight and said to grandfather (KF)

In chrapter four in Stone Fox, a strange man came to the door that Willy didn't know.Then after a few minitues Willy asked what that mans name was, and he said, "Clifford Snyder." He was dressed like a he was going to a wedding. Then all of a sudden, as soon as Willy saw the clothing on Clifford that he was waering hesaid in his mind that he was a city slicker. Then after a while after Clifford and willy were talking about serten stuff Clifford told willy about the letters. then little Willy said, "What letters?"Clifford said, "Every year we send out letters - a tax bill -showing how much you owe."(ND)