People and animals are different but animals can teach people a lot! This is an action packed chapter! In this chapter Gary Paulsen meets a doe that has come to his camping spot with a pack of wolves chasing her.She sees the fire and is scared, but amazed which is what this chapter is about! Gary also threatens a bear named Scarhead with a single gun shot that will kill him because the bear was about to kill him, but he realizes this and thinks to himself that he is nothing more than any animal in the woods. This chapter taught us that animals are just as smart as humans.(Rdg Gr.1)

WOW!! In this chapter Gary Paulsen learns some important lessons about the differences between people and animals. In the beginning of chapter four Gary and his sled dogs are going on a hundred mile run. When the dogs get tired he stops and sets up camp. He also builds a camp fire and he feeds the dogs. Suddenly, the dogs went up into a huge uproar just as Gary was going to sleep. As he looked acsoss the camp fire he saw a doe. She was locked in fear and she knew she was safe from the wolves because the wolves were afraid of the camp fire.

In the country there is no garbage dumps so Gary has to burn his gabage. The garbage smell brings in bears. One day a bear came in and tore at where the burning garbage was. Gary was very mad so he threw a stick at Scarhead. BIG MISTAKE!! Lucky for Gary the bear didn't decide to kill him. (RDG Group 2)