The point in chapters five and six is when they move to Ikuma. Bright Dawn and her family are getting settled in at Ikuma. Bartok, Bright Dawn's dad, hates his at Empire Canning Company. Bartok is offered to be in Iditarod nexy year. Bartok and Bright Dawn crash into a tree while training for the race. They go to the vet because there's no docter. The docter said he cracked his shoulder so is no longer going to be in the race. He volenteers Bright Dawn to take his place in Iditarod. She was allowed to race. She trains with a trainer for a while. (L.C.)

They move to Ikama.Bright Dawns dad gets some of his couge back and races in small races.A girl raceing in the Iditarod stays at there house for a little while.Mr.Weiss and mr.Gibson try to talk Bright Dawns dad into raceing the Iditarod.Finally, he agree's.{A.R.}