In Stone Fox chapter 5, The Way, little Willy goes to the main store and sees the poster of the National Dogsled races and takes the poster with him. He needed $500 to pay for the taxes and that is the prize money if you win. Before he had seen the poster he had talked to everybody he knew and they had said to sell the farm. He asked his Grandfather if they should sell the farm but Grandfather did nothing. Before that happened he had talked to Doc Smith about Clifford Snyder and she was right about Grandfather paying taxes. Thay afternoon he had went to the bank to talk to the manager about selling the farm and they can if they don't pay the taxes. (AP)

Little willy has to find a way to git 500$. He know's thare is a iditarod for the prize money of 500$. Then he gose to sing up and it cost 50$ to sine up. He also has 50$ in his bank account. then he sined up for the race with Searrchlight. (OH)