On there fram they have a mother hen she is over protectit about her ckies. When Hawke the mother is around it's aware zone. Hawke will hurt anything in the way of the ckies and she even adouted 14 growes. When the growes would leave she would mellow. When Hawke called her ckies they would alway's come. That why you would have to be careful about Hawke.{KT}

In chapter five of Woodsong a banty hen named Hawk raises a grouse nest and treats them like her own. Bugs and insects in the field were attacked by the he and her "young". Hawk was a protective hen and that caused a lot of trouble. Hawk was so protective she attacked everything in the yard that moved. After that the yard was like a war zone.
Hawk swooped down and attacked the clothesline. The dog got a little to close and Hawk attacked him, and right in the back of the head too! Hawk also got a person shocked too. Then Hawk attacks another dog.[jj]