What i learned in chapter6 is a boy named willy lives on a farm whith his familly and they plant potatoes.I also learned in chapter 6 is that i now that they named this book stone fox is because theres a person in the story named stone fox

Little Willy goes to see mayor Smiley at the city hall to see if he can enter the race. The Mayor thought he was kidding at first but then he noticed little Willy really wants to enter the race. So mayor Smiley tells Willy there's a fifty dollar fee to enter the race. Little Willy thinks that is alot of money and he decides to use his college money to enter the race. So Willy went to the bank to get his money and a man who works their says he can't use that money for the race, Willy said he has to give him the money because it belons to him. The man gave Willy the money and Willy went back to enter the race but then he found out Stone Fox is entering the race. Stone Fox has never losta race.[RMW]