I will be using this page, The Log Blog, to post questions for all of you. The questions will be about a specific book so you will be able to comment on them no matter which book you are reading at the moment. Please use the discussion tab on this page to comment on questions and post your questions. Remember to check "The Boardwalk" page for all of the requirements.

Use the following example when answer your questions in the discussion tab:

This is (your first name) and I am reading (title of book). (Answer or comment on question).

For example: This is Mrs. L and I am reading Behind the Bedroom Wall. I think... (answering/commenting on question).

Question 1:

Introduce the book that you are reading and tell why you chose to read this book first. Also, introduce one of the characters in the book and give a vivid description of this character. (How has the author described this character? What are your first impressions of this character? If you were to meet this character in real life, do you think it would be someone you would befriend quickly?)