The Boardwalk will have all of the "Buried in Books" reading requirements. You must complete all of the following requirements in order to earn a trip to Cold Stone Ice Cream with Mrs. L.

From the "Top 5 List" choose 3 books that you would like to read this summer and then complete the following requirements:

  1. You must comment on the "Buried in Books Blog" (link coming soon) at least 3 times (3X) for each book read. There will be specific questions posted on the blog for you to comment on. (That's a total of 9 comments for the summer.)

  2. Post at least 1 question/discussion starters of your own for each book read. (You will post a total of 3 questions/discussion starters of your own.)

  3. If you complete requirements #1 and #2 then you will earn a trip to Cold Stone Ice Cream!

  4. For an extra reward, check out "The Sandbar"!